Welcome to my tiny little photo palace

Once mission completed, this palace will be filled with illustrated articles about digital photography and open source software, concentrating – for the moment – mainly on the raw convertor RawTherapee, the image editor GIMP and G’MIC, an image processing language that provides an extensive collection of filters. These three programs are freely available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and together they form a very solid foundation for digital imaging.

Some of the articles were already published on another WordPress blog of mine, notably the series about wavelet processing in RawTherapee. Others may be translations from my Dutch blog about GIMP and G’MIC, or just brand new!

The content of this blog is developed on a Xubuntu Linux pc and as such, you may encounter some Linux specific things like commandline processing. Examples of these are watermarking a series of photos, demosaicing raw files with dcraw, making a polaroid machine or resizing and renaming a series of photos for upload to a photo sharing service.

I hope this blog will serve creativity.

Paul Matthijsse,
November 2015.