5. That’s all!

The title says it all. To successfully convert a raw file with RawTherapee, you only need a tone curve, some sharpening and some noise reduction!

Let all the other tools in RawTherapee for the moment what they are and use just these three tools. Take some time to explore what the tone curve does. Of course you can also use the Auto levels button and adjust the result to taste with the other sliders in that section. Then do some sharpening with the USM filter and/or some noise reduction with the tool with the same name. Usually it’s better not to use sharpen filters on high ISO shots, but applying some noise reduction on low ISO photos is often a good idea.

I hope that the three tools from this Beginners’ Guide will help the target audience – beginners indeed! – to get comfortable with converting raw files. Once that’s the case, you can move on and explore the extra options of these tools, or other tools. Happy raw’ing!

Part 6. Profiles


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