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4 thoughts on “Remarks? Requests? Feedback?”

  1. It’s been a long time since I started using Rawtherapee. It is an amazing software, with a great power, but for beginners it’s very easy to get lost in the broad range of features and settings available.
    I tried other softwares, like CaptureOne, that has a free version for Sony shooters, but also the trial versions of SilkyPix, not to mention Sony ImageDataconverter, or Canon PhotoProfessional. In my opinion, Rawtherapee is a step forward in terms of the final quality of the image, but the interface can be really intimidating for those used to the much more friendly user interfaces of other softwares.
    You did a good job here, your guide is clear and it is an optimum starting point for those interested in editing their shots with this software. I think you could add a section about increasing the dynamic range by using tools as the “highlights and shadows” and the “graduated filter”.
    Best wishes.


    1. Hello Marco,
      Thank you for your kind words! I agree that RawTherapee seems somewhat overwhelming with all its options and sliders and things.
      Concerning Highlights and Shadows or Graduated filter, those things are already described in the official documentation of RawTherapee, called RawPedia. You can get that document at

      Regards, Paul.


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