Custom code that boring reality!

There are those days that everything looks gray and boring and ugly and nothing happens… But don’t worry as G’MIC provides a way to custom code that boring reality!

I open a very boring photo in RawTherapee, like this one made in the Apple Store in Amsterdam, Europe.

First I make a 1:1 crop.


Then I send it to the GIMP with the button on the bottom left of the image window, indicated in red in the screenshot.

There I adjust the levels a bit and boost the colors with G’MIC’s Boost-fade filter, located in the Color section. I choose a value of 9.50 and now the photo looks like so.


Custom code

Now it’s time to custom code our dull and monotonous reality. In GIMP, click the menu Filters, then G’MIC… Scroll down to the section Various and choose Custom code (global). The following window appears.


On the right side there’s a code window. Changing variables there changes the photo as well (click the Update button if you want to try this), but we won’t do that here. More interesting is the Channel(s) entry on the right. When clicking the drop down menu, you’ll see lots of color spaces and subcomponents to choose from. These can have a profound influence on the result, so have a look for yourself.

For the result here I used the default values, plus I picked in the Channel(s) menu the Lab Lightness option.

As you can see, with the help of some simple tools, we can custom code our dreary and boring reality and turn it near-instant into a colorful, gay and amusing experience!

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