That other half of me!

Hello, you might think perhaps that the nice looking face you just clicked upon is a stylized representation of the face of the author of this blog.

But no, it is not.

I took this photo when I walked back home after a concert in the city hall of my village, where I volunteered that evening in the bar to serve drinks to the visitors.

It was night already but some alleys were nicely lit, like this one.

I played a bit with the black and white filter of G’MIC and that gave this.

I still didn’t notice what was going on.

That changed when I applied another G’MIC filter, called Black crayon graffiti, to the original photo. This filter is located under the tab Artistic. That gave this.


Now my eyes started to see someone, a face. Who was staring at me at the end of that alley…? Wasn’t that the other half of me, the half that I lost somewhere long ago under unclear circumstances in a strange country, far away?


The answer is clearly yes! Yes, finally I refound that lost part of mine, thanks to the magic of photography at night and thanks to the magic of G’MIC filters…!

If you haven’t installed the G’MIC filters for GIMP yet and you’re interested in doing so, see the G’MIC menu on top of this page and click Introduction for a how-to.

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