Making filters: Important update!

As of version 2.0.0_pre G’MIC for Gimp uses a slightly different syntax. That means that the three articles on this site about how to create your own G’MIC filters only work with current, stable versions of G’MIC (1.7.9 at the time of writing). When you prefer to use the 2.x version, you need to change a little bit of the code.

First: the -pre in the version number above means that this is a developer version that might contain faults or bugs. G’MIC for Gimp that you can install from software managers is always the stable release.

The reason for the syntax change is that it will be easier to use the G’MIC filters in other software than Gimp, like the digital painting program Krita.


Basically there are only two things to change.

Old syntax:


new syntax:


So a line like

#@gimp : Brightness = int (0, -50, 50)

changes to

#@gui : Brightness = int (0, -50, 50)

And, old syntax:


new syntax:




changes to


Likewise, if you want to make a group in the filter list of G’MIC to put your own filters together for example, you start that group like so:

#@gui MyFilters

and you end the group this way:

#@gui _

(note the space before the underscore).

Both versions of G’MIC for GIMP are available from

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